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The Santa Clara County Team Play

One of the features of the SCCWGA is the Santa Clara County Team Play, an annual match play, 3-month competition, that pits teams of 8 golfers from each of the participating county clubs at neutral county golf courses. After playing each of the rival clubs in head to head match play competition, a net point and gross point champion will be determined by total score over all the matches. This is a fun, yet competitive tournament rivaling the likes of the Rider and Walker Cups when it comes down to the pride of representing your club.

download - SCCWGA Common Rules for team Play

Winners of 2014:

2014 Team Play Net Champions Coyote Creek

2014 Team Play Gross Champions Cinnabar

2014 Team Play Net Runners Up Palo Alto

2014 Team Play Gross Runners Up Summitpointe

Winners of the past years