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The President’s Tournament

The President’s Tournament is the kick-off golfing event of the year for the Santa Clara County Women’s Golf Association. This is a tournament run by the current President, honoring past presidents who have put time and effort into making the Association what it is today. Each member county club is invited to have their Captain and Team Play Captain join the field each with a guest in a friendly best ball competition. The camaraderie and fun start the ball rolling for the events scheduled for the rest of the year.

Lorie Milham, Mitz Alverson, Dee Kinnear
( Check-In for President's Tournament )

Ready to Go!

After Golf Refreshments and Appetizers

Mitz Alverson, President; Barbara Arden, former Board member; Patti Hayes, Team Play Chairperson

Happy Golfer

Mitz Alverson; Barbara Arden

Joanne Jacobson, Treasurer

Barbara Jenkins, Sponsorship

Awards Time!

Diane Tibbetts, Publicity Chairperson

Lunch is Over!

Flowers to former Presidents

Past Presidents:
Jane Frees, Lorie Milham; Laura Lee Pixton; Linda Ellis

President's Tournament 2006