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Fielding Teams in 2014

Cinnabar Hills LGC
Captain Cathi Mickow 408-206-4833
Team Play Captain Chris Leisy C: 408-309-2757

Coyote Creek Women’s GC
Captain Nancy Farrant 408-227-1119
Team Play Captain Milly Coldwell 408-224-4442 C: 408-858-2910

Palo Alto Women’s GC
Captain Michelle Driver C: 408-930-1169
Team Play Captain Kay Sabin 650-326-2364 C: 415-269-5736
Team Play Co-Capt Sally Ellison 650-854-6118

S & S @ Spring Valley
Team Play Captain Maureen Blackmer C: 408-390-3868
Santa Clara Women’s GC
Captain Marilee Dunn C: 408-838-5254
Spring Valley
Captain Gayle Peck 408 248-5134 C: 408 202-0875

Santa Clara Fairways
Captain Lucia Hong 408-655-3178
Team Play Captain Mitz Alverson 408-244-0603 C: 408-368-1450

Santa Teresa Women’s GC
Captain Carla Munoz C: 408-314-1994
Team Play Captain Rebecca Reese 415-517-3488

Shoreline Women’s GC
Captain Pat Bocook 650-949-4054
Team Play Co-Capt Mary Mason 650-948-5442 C: 650-269-1521
Team Play Co-Capt Bonnie Gardiner 650-561-9661

Summitpointe Women’s GC
Co-Captain Jeanne Tweed 650-969-2330 C: 650-417-1467
Co-Captain Micki Lico 408-978-2057 C: 408-691-3725
Team Play Co-Capt Nikki Choi C: 408-799-5142
Team Play Co-Capt Kyung Jin 650-967-7808 C: 650-796-8648

Sunnyvale Women’s GC
Captain Shelia Highe C: 408-887-4387
Team Play Captain Helen Wilson 408-996-0689 C: 408-781-1389

West Valley WGC @ Spring Valley
Captain Bette Samdahl 408-531-9890
Team Play Co-Capt Monica Saneholtz 408-528-7652 C: 408-205-3926
Team Play Co-Capt Kathy Apgar 408-223-9819 C: 408-221-2115

Member Clubs Not Fielding Teams in 2014

Saratoga Country Club
Captain Lynn Moore 408-867-2363

The Villages Golf and Country Club
Captain Janis Kiernan 408-532-6567

San Jose Country Club -- Honorary Member Club
Captain Linda Klemczak 408-984-8647