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The Santa Clara County Women's Golf Association (SCCWGA) was founded in 1942 with this stated objective: “to promote the sport of golf among the women of Santa Clara County and to conduct competitions, including an annual championship tournament. SCCWGA has remained faithful to this goal through the years.

Membership in SCCWGA is available to "any regularly organized women's golf group providing "it is located in Santa Clara County and plays on a rated, regulation course."

Representatives from the member clubs comprise the SCCWGA Board of Directors , the volunteers who keep our rich traditions alive for women golfers in our county.

The Santa Clara County Women's Golf Championship has endured through the decades
August 4 and August 5. 2014  at San Jose Country Club

Please reserve August 3-4

for THE COUNTY 2015

Members of our public and private women's clubs vie for honors in this flighted, two-day competition. Entry is restricted to members of clubs located within the county. Santa Clara may be the only county in California to crown a true County Women's Champion.

SCCWGA sponsors two additional annual events: The President's Tournament , which kicks off the golfing season for SCCWGA;
and Santa Clara County Team Play , a 3-month match play competition among member clubs.

SCCWGA is grateful for the invaluable support of:
San Jose Country Club , gracious host of our two-day County Championship each year.
R&W Concrete Contractors , Inc., sponsor of trophies for the County Championship, graciously arranged by association member, Sandy Rodrigues.

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